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Tanning Bed Timer Wiring Diagram - May 09, 2005  · first timer mheffel OP first timer. i know most commercal tanning bed requred wired at 240 volt and watch out the connection most tanning bed i hook up useally asked for 4 wire set up due bunch of 120 volt ballast there but some tanning bed use the 240 volt ballast there also but please most impoart part is read the nameplate first then. All ESB electrical replacement parts ballast, contactor, timer and more available at esbtans web store.. Start of Tanning (Left and right from front of unit) 1. Observe the recommended exposure chart. 2. Do not exceed tanning time recommended for your skin type. 3. Never tan if you already have been over exposed. 4. When tanning you must use protective eyewear. 5. Tanning session can be stopped at any time by means of the START/STOP.

facility for this tanning bed. This tanning bed runs on 220VAC service. A Refer to the diagram below for wiring placement. Heated exhaust air exits the unit at the foot end. Attach a 12” duct to the exhaust stack and route the exhaust air out of the building. See diagram use only the timer keypad to adjust it in the. The T-Max 3W / G2 Timer by ADI, Inc. This tanning bed timer is the most widely used in the commercial salon industry and can be used as a stand alone timer or can be controlled from the front desk. Very user friendly and easy to hook-up. The simple up / down and start /. With a T Max timer, you will need a 110 v outlet at the front desk You will need 2 18 gauge wires to run from the TMAX timer J-3 terminal to the electrical panel of the HEX system where it’s marked J-3 terminal ; HEX is U.L. listed (48N5) which means it must be hard wired..

Authorized dealer of Wolff tanning bed parts and supplies; from shocks and ballasts to fans and timers, we have all your tanning bed replacement parts.. Tanning Bed Wiring Diagrams 1987 Sca.pdf Free Download Here Wolff System Wss 24 | Bed and Sofa wiring diagram tanning bed 1987 sca 24 series 1tanning bed manual. May 29, Tanning Bed Wiring Diagram wiring diagrams for tanning Used Beds - Used Tanning Beds. (Help) Wiring a tanning bed. So I bought a tanning bed for my wife as a christmas gift I wire a new knob or do I need to just get it hooked up to where I can plug it in my 220v and just use a plug in style timer? No markings or badges on the unit itself at all I could find. The only info on the tanning bed itself I can find are from sellers:.

Operating Instructions megaSun 3500 Description of tanning unit following diagram shows the wiring of the timer connection. minutes in order to cool down the bed. In the service mode, the presettings for the tanning mode are determined, and you are prompted for values for the operation. Tanning Bed Parts. If you are needing to file a warranty please use this link Warranty Claim Form We carry many parts in stock and have only a few listed here on the website, if you are needing something and do not see it online please call us 1-800-467-0186.. Looking for megasun tanning bed manual ? Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of megasun tanning bed manual. We Provide 20 for you about megasun tanning bed manual- page 1.

The T-Max® 3W G2 can be used as an independent timer, or can be used as the front desk to control another T-Max® timer in the tanning room for remote single bed control. The T-Max® 3W G2 at the front desk will control the T-Max® timer in the room; whether it's another T-Max® 3W G2 or a T-Max® certified timer in the tanning bed.. Tanning lamps are warranted by the manufacturer of the lamp itself for a period of 30 days. Within this period we will replace or repair, at our option, the product or any part or parts bed across from the timer. If you are not using a remote; be sure that the plugs are attached to each other. A) When using a remote timer other than the T-max;.

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