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Taco 570 Zone Valve Wiring - These valves are designed for use in hydronic hot water heating applications such as baseboards and radiant floor heating. 570 series valves are 2-way, 24V, heat-motor zone valves with a 3-wire terminal block electrical connections and equal sweat inlet/outlet ports. Body of the valve is made from heavy-duty, solid bronze to last for the. The Taco 570 Zone Valves are the industry standard for quality zone valve. Designed for use in hydronic hot water heating applications like baseboard and radiant floor heating. It's a 2-way, 24V, heat-motor zone valve w/ a 3-wire terminal block electrical. Taco, 1/2 inch sweat zone valve, gold series for hydronic heating applications, quiet & dependable operation, manual open lever & twist off head makes installation & service easy. From the Manufacturer. When you want the industry standard for hydronic heating applications, choose Taco's 570 Gold Series..

Wiring a Taco Zone Sentry Zone Valve to Replace a Flair or Taco 3-Wire Valve: Taco Zone Sentry Zone Valve Taco 570 Series L1 (Hot) L2 Thermostat To ÒTÓ Terminals Motor End Switch 1 2 3 Flair L1 (Hot) L2 Thermostat To ÒTÓ Terminals Motor End Switch 1 2 3 45 L1 (Hot) L2 Thermostat To ÒTÓ Terminals on Boiler Control Transformer Relay c End. Taco Zone Sentry® Zone Valves provide on-off, normally open or normally closed control in closed hydronic systems. (See Geo-Sentry for open system application.) The valves can be used in a wide variety of heating and condensing cooling applications, primarily designed for use with baseboard, fan coils, radiators, convectors, air handlers, heat pumps and radiant applications.. TACO ZONE CONTROLS WIRING GUIDE Pages Switching Relays – Single Zone Wiring 2– 4 Specialty Thermostat and Zone Valve Wiring 51 – 59 Radiant Mixing Block 60 – 61 X-Pump Block 62 – 64 Standard Terms and Definitions –103 Zone Controls Cross Reference 104 –105 Do it once. Do it right..

I'd appreciate assistance wiring 2x Taco 570-2 model zone valves, 2x Honeywell thermostats and a Honeywell Aquastat L8148E Relay. I contacted Taco and they sent me a diagram using an external transformer, but the L8148E has a built in transformer that can handle two zones.. the all new . . . taco zone controls wiring guide pages switching relays – single zone wiring 2 – 4 taco 3 wire zone valve 1 2 multi-zone installation with zone control, with indirect dhw one zone switching relay with outdoor reset sr 501-or-4 led indicators power tstat dhw override boiler. taco or honeywell zone valves. have installed taco 570 series zone valves for 25 years with very few problems.The design is a marvel of simplicity and function.I have tried other brands and models but have gone back to the 570 series even on high end radiant systems.They are reliable available and they work.I had in the PAST serious.

Zone valves operate electrically on 24 volts of direct current power provided by a 24-volt DC transformer located at the boiler. You can wire a boiler zone valve with the proper tools and basic electrical wiring knowledge.. 3/4 in. Zone Valve - Boiler replacement part. Brass construction. Engineered for reliability. Heat-motor design for quiet operation. Twist-off head allows servicing without disturbing system connections. - THD SKU# 748460. The Taco zone-valve is an electricity operated valve used for zone control of hydronic heating and/or cooling systems. It controls the flow of water in a room or zone in response to the demands of the room or zone thermostat. This valve is a precisely made device and must be installed with care. Valves should be installed vertically; 24-Volts.

Oct 08, 2011  · How do i wire a Toco 570 series Zone valve with three terminals. what wire goes on number 1, What wire goes on number - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician. Home » Taco Zoning & Circulation » Taco Zone Valves + Taco Zone Valves. Quick Search Filter Best Selling Best Selling Taco 570 Gold Series - 3/4" Sweat - Heat Motor Zone Valve - Brass. Model: 571-2. Taco - 571-2 - 3/4" Sweat Connection - Heat Motor Zone Valve -.

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Zone Valve Wiring Manuals Installation & Instructions: Guide ...

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