The standard GMH Tacho will work perfectly with the Bosch HEI Conversion.

Most Tachos will work with the Bosch HEI Conversion.

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Bosch Tachometer Wiring

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Bosch Tachometer Wiring - Do you know the replacement tach works? Wiring to adapt the '83 6 pin Bosch or other CDI system possibly messed up in the engine compartment? It is the purple/black wire that carries the tach signal from the rear fuse panel area to the tach Without knowing what you have driving the tach, (CDI type) it. Mar 29, 2005  · The blue/gray connector is the ECM one.If you pull out your gauge cluster and look very carefully at the plug and the plastic circut board connection on the cluster you will notice(if you don't have a factory tach) that in the plug there is a white wire that has no counter part on the circutboard connection for the cluster.That is the tach signal output.. Using 18-ga. wire, connect the (GREEN) wire the coil negative or the tachometer terminal of the ignition module. There are two (2) wires for the lighting; Connect the (WHITE) lighting wire to the dash lighting circuit or to a +12V switched circuit. Connect the (BLACK) lighting wire to a chassis ground..

Ground wire is usually visible on a thin part that leads from one side of the car to another, located between the engine and the body of the car. Locate the wire box: Once you have located the ground wire, it will lead you to the breaker box. When you have located the box, locate the wire that leads to the tachometer.. Erratic Tachometer Needles and Random Shift Lights Electronic Tachometers and shift lights are replacing the old cable-driven mechanical tachometers in more and more racecars. Electrical tachs take very little electricity and do not have an inherent horsepower drag like a mechanical tach cable does.. Q: My tachometer does not respond at all, what do I do? A: Check all of the wiring connections and power to the tachometer. 1. If the tachometer needle goes to zero when powered up, but does not respond when the engine is started, there is no signal to the green wire. Check to ensure that the green wire is hooked to the proper location for a valid.

The factory style filter looks like a condenser with a wire and connector on each end, one of which plugs onto the HEI distributor, and the other onto the tach lead wire. Hooking this filter device in series between your distributor and tach should allow your factory tach. Apr 04, 2008  · I've read a lot about the problems with tach compatibility and the MSD 6A ignition control box. Most postings don't address a troubleshoot that I understand so I'll give it a go with my own on this redundant issue. :confused1: My old SunPro Mini tach worked fine for several years attached to the tach output of the MSD box. A few months ago it started acting erratic, then it just stopped working.. May 03, 2014  · Well, I went out and dropped big bucks ($5) on a Sun Super Tach II from a guy I know. He had it in his truck for a while, but took it out a few months ago. He.

A tachometer is a good addition to any vehicle equipped with a manual transmission. In my Jeep CJ-7, I didn't have one of those rare factory tachs so I chose the Autogage Tachometer 3-3/4 inch with an 8,000 RPM range in a black finish to be mounted on the steering column of the Jeep.. How to Wire a Boat Tachometer Use a pliers-type crimper to crimp ring connectors to both ends of the one of the red wires and the black wire and one end of each of the gray wires. Crimp a female blade disconnect onto one end of the remaining red wire and a ring connector to the other end.. How Do I Install a Tachometer in Vehicles Most late-model Johnson outboards have a tachometer hookup wire at the control box, or a tachometer hookup harness can be purchased from your Johnson outboard dealer. Connect a black wire to the tachometer terminal marked "GND." Connect the other end to a good boat ground..

333 969 4,000 RPM 2 1/16" (52mm) Tachometer, 12V, 400-1300Hz Alternator Signal Learn More. You must use the recommended Bosch HEC-716 Coil with the Conversion. This Coil and the Ignition Module are matched. Tacho Info: The brown Tachometer wire connects to the coil -ve.

The standard GMH Tacho will work perfectly with the Bosch HEI Conversion.

Most Tachos will work with the Bosch HEI Conversion.

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