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4 Pin Ballast Wiring Diagram Mopar Electronic Ignition No - Aug 31, 2011  · Electronic ignition systems, whether factory Mopar or aftermarket, don't utilize breaker points, thereby not actually needing a ballast resistor to control amperage through the pickup coil.. Jul 24, 2014  · Everything About Mopar Wiring/Diagrams. General. General Board. Motorhead Lounge. Non-demo section. The dual ballast resistor is for the 5 pin ECM. With the electronic ignition diagram there is nothing powered directly to the alternator like in the dual charge diagram. If I ran the system using the ECM and I'm using a pushing button to. External Ignition Wiring. Bypass the ballast resistor (if your car has one) by either splicing the wires at each end together or replacing it with a loop of wire. Connect the positive terminal of the coil to the stock Mopar coil wire and to the + pin on the HEI module. Connect the negative terminal of the coil to the C pin on the HEI module..

Jun 14, 2017  · The two prong ballast resister mounted on you dash appears to be the stock unit that is used with a point setup, usually these are not compatible with electronic ignition. 7.) Look up the wiring diagram for you aftermarket ignition to be sure that it is wired up correctly, some units discard the either the 12v (start) lead or the resistance. Oct 19, 2011  · The only reason I was asking is because without thinking I ordered the "electronic ignition engine wiring harness" and it was all set up for the 4 prong ballast and 5 pin ECU. Of course I don't want to lose the money I spent on it, so I needed to know if it could be. Sep 19, 2015  · I find it strange that both diagrams show the 4 prong ballast resistor but your other pictures show only 2 prong, I use one that is only two prong. The alternator wiring diagrams can be found here: Mopar Charging System - MyMopar.com Hopefully this helps. Rick I have tried two new 5 pin black stock ignition control box's..

4. With a weak spark or no spark, test the coil. Since a special coil is used in this ignition system, you cannot test it with a conventional coil tester. Use an ohmmeter to check the continuity of the primary and secondary windings of the coil. With leads disconnected from the coil, connect the ohmmeter across the primary terminals. If the. How to wire a replacement ballast with different wiring? "Follow the colore-coded wiring diagram" was the recommendation, yet after connecting all like colors on the new ballast to the fixture, all I got was a delayed, dim light at the base of each fluorescent bulb. Pin 2 of lamp 1 and pin 2 of lamp 2 go to the other yellow wire. Is. Dec 12, 2013  · I also am in the process of installing a new engine harness from Yearone that is for electronic ignition conversion. In addition to the orange box and electronic distributor you will need a 1975ish four pin ballist resitor, 1970 or later voltage regulator, and a.

Jan 13, 2014  · 1977 Dodge truck Electronic Ignition Module ? Discussion in 'Repairs The module in the truck currently is a 4 pin but the plug coming from the wiring harness has 5 wires and 5 pins ?? Does anyone know much of the difference in application. With the four pin you no longer need the double ballast and that takes care of the thing burning. 20101-20104 Harnesses Painless Performance has included 20 extra male and female bulkhead terminals in these harness kits. Use these extra terminals to run wires through the firewall using the male and female bulkhead connectors on the harness.. Corvair electronic ignition installation by Bryan Blackwell. Mopar Pickup + Electronic Ignition Box. Converting a distributor to a Mopar electronic ignition reluctor (the "star" wheel) and pickup is an almost bolt on operation, and it can then drive your choice of Mopar, GM HEI, or MSD ignition boxes..

Or do a Chrysler conversion, where it is a Chrysler electronic ignition, distributor, put in the module box and there 4 points 4 pin ballast resistor. Graveyard Cars. After Market Distributer Systems. Firecore50 offer ready-to-run distributors. Clean up the engine bay by not needing the external ignition box and ballast. www.customwiresets.com. Apr 06, 2013  · I have a '68 roadrunner, 383 4sp, it has electronic ignition (the orange box on the fire wall). It ran fine on highway but as soon as I pulled into drive way and let off the throttle it died, no cough, sputter or sneeze just died like I had turned the key off..

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