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240sx Fuse Box Relocation - Jul 22, 2011  · Re: relay and fuse box relocation I have an entire new body harness. im debating on doing this myself but i havent had the ambition to look through all the wiring diagrams and find a place to mount, lengthin/shorten what is necessary.. fuse box relocation, make new harness or cut down old one ? just wondering f anyone here has gone throught that daunting task of either creating their own, or cutting down the OEM harness to just one fuse box.. nissan 240sx fuse box relocation wiring diagram and 240sx Posted on January 11, 2019 April 17, 2019 by volovets.info volovets.info - On this article we recommend you images about 240Sx Wiring Diagram that we have collected from any source about Wiring Diagrams..

May 22, 2009  · Page 1 of 2 - S14 Fuse Box Relocation - posted in General 240sx Questions: So I just finished up the fuse box relocation and wire tuck on my friends s14.After seeing mine he decided he wanted it done as well. In the end it took about 55 hours of labor and when I was finished, his ended up turning out 1000x better than mine lolI took too many pictures of the progress to post them all up so I. Jul 22, 2011  · Page 2-S13 relay and fuse box relocation Electrical Tech. Mar 28, 2016  · the left kick panel fuse box, is it the same for a 240sx with hicas? because i tried to do the sleepy eye mod for a friend of mine and his fuse box was completely out of order compared to mine which is what you shown in the pics.

Jul 19, 2011  · fuse box relocation. Discussion in 'Electrical' started by alibaba, Aug 19, 2009. alibaba Ali Nassar Driver. Joined: 240sx. since im already putting a new one in, i figured i can hide it so the engine bay looks cleaner, I did it or attempted to the stock fuse box and harness. I scrapped the stock harness and just built a custom one. Apr 12, 2006  · You should always include a fuse/breaker with a battery relocation to protect against possible short circuiting. The fuse should be no more than about 12" away from the battery. 1995 240sx 1991 infiniti q45 1993 nissan 240sx Contact: Contact dousan_pg with some bolt in autozone 100a fuse mounted inside a home depot junction box. more. Mid-Atlantic States DC, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia..

Relocating the fuse box 01-05-2009, 10:43 AM. My car is having a cage put in, and the front bars link into the front strut tops, so the fuse box cannot stay in the stock location. I may do a custom harness at some point, but not this winter, so I need to relocate the fuse box. Has anyone done this?. Jun 29, 2008  · fairly easy i relocated mine in the glove box i cut the inside bit so the the fuse box could fit and close, i cut each wire have to lable them one by one, extend the wires and join them, long process its time consuming but easy just need to make sure you got the. Nov 09, 2010  · -take the driver side engine mount off, and rotate the fuse box down and mount in under the driver side headlight. i used the stock fuse box mounting bracket to mount it. i also used the bolt holes that the washer bottle was secured to.-relocate washer bottle under passenger headlight..

NEEDED IN MOST SWAPS IS TO RELOCATE THE BATTERY TO THE REAR OF THE CAR ISSUE IS FINDING A LONG ENOUGH CABLE TO DO SO AND THICK ENOUGH GAUGE FOR THE PROPER VOLTAGE TO FLOW THREW THE CABLE. THIS KIT INCLUDES EVERYTHING SHOWN 0 Gauge Red (Copper core/Aluminum) Power Wire: 17 Feet 0 Gauge Black (Copper core/Aluminum) Ground Wire: 3 Feet 18 Gauge Blue Remote Wire: 18 Feet In-Line ANL Fuse. Dec 10, 2009  · The relocation tray itself is held down by 4 m10 bolts, 3 of which have nuts on them w/ blue thread sealer, 1 doesn’t because of the place I drilled it, but helps keep everything stable. Because I’m paranoid, I also drilled a 2nd m8 bolt on the side of the tray through the fender area..

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